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My heating project

What do you mean by Renewable energies?

Energy is said to be renewable when it comes from sources continually renewed in nature, unlike a non-renewable energy source, the stocks of which run out.

What does ETAS stand for?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency. Etas is an indication of the boiler's performance, a means to estimate your boiler's efficiency in different operating conditions, in order to optimise your energy savings!

What is the difference between a condensing boiler and a low temperature boiler?

A condensing boiler is more efficient than a Low Temperature boiler. Condensing technology gives greater energy savings.

What is the difference between a vent connection and a flue?

With a flue outlet, the boiler draws air from the room where it is installed, and expels the fumes via a flue duct. With a vent outlet, the air is normally drawn from outside the room where the boiler is installed, and the fumes leave via the wall or roof. The term vented boiler usually refers to condensing boilers. Low temperature vented boilers can no longer be marketed, since September 2015.

What is dual-power for? What is the difference in the modulation?

Dual-power allows a lower power setting for heating in your system, and keeps full power for hot water production. Modulation control varies the burner power according to demand, as determined by the Visio ECO RADIO SYSTEM.

What do ECO/ ECO/ ECO+ / MAX / et STOP and STOP mean on my domestic hot water system?

ECO is normal, everyday service, ECO and ECO+ are to optimise your savings, MAX is a boost service, and STOP shuts down the hot water. For more details see the boiler manual.

Is there a difference in ideal temperature between comfort mode and reduced mode?

Difference in temperature between comfort mode and reduced mode may not exceed 2°C. If the difference is too great, the gain from the reduction will be lost because it takes too long to restore ambient temperature.

Maintenance of my boiler

I want to get a Frisquet boiler installed, how do I find the best one to suit my needs?

Look for a professional who may be able to offer solutions to meet your needs, contact us by e-mail or by telephone: 01 60 09 91 00.

I am looking for a spare part, where can I find it?

Contact your heating engineer.

Is my annual maintenance charge for the boiler obligatory?

All heating equipment must be serviced annually by a professional, who issues a certificate when the work is complete. This is required by insurers in the event of an incident or accident linked to the boiler.

What does my warranty cover?

The quality of our equipment means we can offer* you an extended parts guarantee, for 5 or 2 years, as long as the servicing and maintenance are done by a professional. This is our long-term warranty*.

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*According to the procedures specified in our general warranty conditions.

I have lost my warranty card, what can I do if my boiler breaks down?

The invoice for purchasing your boiler will suffice.

I want some financial help, and I need to know which products are eligible.

In France, In order to benefit from financial help, the property must have been built more than 2 years ago, and must be the main residence of the occupier, whether owner, tenant or residing free of charge.  The CITE (energy tax credits) can be added to the interest-free eco-loan, with no means-testing.  Financial help and tax credits can only be claimed if a qualified professional fits the appliance.

My everyday heating

Where should I put my ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio®  satellite unit?

The ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio®  measures room temperature, so it should be placed in a room which is most representative of the average temperature of the property, free of any outside influence. We recommend you fix its holder to an inside wall, about 1.5 m from the floor. See the boiler’s user manual.

What happens if there is a power cut?

The boiler turns off and will restart automatically.

Does my boiler switch automatically between summer and winter time?

Yes, since 2012, with the ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio® , your boiler adapts automatically to your lifestyle and the temperature variations your home may experience throughout the seasons.

Can I programme my boiler remotely?

Yes, with our connected solution, Frisquet Connect, your boiler obeys you at a distance. The box is compatible with all our Visio® and hybrid boilers. 

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My domestic hot water is not hot enough.

Your hot water production may be temporarily on standby, because of a timer programme setting. Check if one of the ECO modes is selected for your hot water.

The temperature of my domestic hot water is too high.

Check whether Max mode has been selected. If not, contact your installer.

My heating is working intermittently, or not at all.

  1. Check that your Visio®ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio® satellite unit is in the right position, properly adjusted and set for the required operating mode.

  2. Replace the batteries in your satellite unit, just in case.

  3. Check whether “holiday” mode has been activated.

If the problem persists, contact your heating engineer.

My energy consumption seems unusual.

Your boiler should be serviced every year to protect its performance and check its settings for correct operation. Your consumption may however vary from year to year, depending on winter temperatures.

Messages on your boiler's dashboard

This is the second time I have changed my expansion tank, why should this be?

The expansion tank fitted with the boiler holds a certain volume of heating water. If the volume in your system is greater, the tank is not adequate and therefore can quickly deteriorate. You need to add an extra tank.


Press "OK" to restart the appliance.
First check that the boiler's gas valve is open.


Contact your heating engineer urgently.


Check that the combustion products are being discharged, or that the air intake is not blocked.
If the problem persists, contact your heating engineer.


Contact your heating engineer urgently.


Water pressure is inadequate. Open the valves to restore the water pressure.


The “electronic valve” is stopping the burner operate. Take off water by bleeding a radiator until normal operating pressure is restored (1 to 1.6 bar).


Contact your heating engineer urgently.