Solar hot water,

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Frisquet’s expertise in the heating sector has naturally led to the company developing products which work using renewable energy sources. It can now offer several, high-performance solutions: the UPEC Visio® 220 domestic solar water heater, the CSP 2600 solar collector and the hybrid Hydroconfort Solar Condensing Visio® boiler.
A solar installation allows you to cut energy bills by up to 60%.

Hydroconfort Solaire
Condensation Visio® boiler

Optimal energy efficiency, combining solar and condensing systems.

Combining the condensing heating technology with solar to produce hot water, this boiler is prized among professionals for its extremely efficient energy profile. A ready-to-use, upgradeable product.

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Ballon inox solaire frisquet

UPEC Visio® 220
domestic solar water heater

Small size, but huge capacity.

The 220-litre capacity solar UPEC operates with all the Frisquet Condensing and Evolution boilers, so it can replace a tank supplied by an existing oil or gas boiler of any make.

CSP 2600 solar collector

High-efficiency, totally discreet

With its unparalleled optical efficiency of 84.8%, it is the best performing of all flat-plate collectors on the European market. It has extra-tough glass, and allows light transmission to be increased.

Carefully designed and corrosion-resistant, it can be built into the roof, placed above or even on the front of the house.

One collector can achieve solar coverage of 50% or more*.

* Example given with UPEC VISIO 220 l, for information, using average daily consumption per person of 50 litres at 50°.