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The heating body

The Frisquet brand is at the heart of its boilers: an exclusive heating body. With its outstanding reliability, durability and longevity, designed along the lines of industrial heat exchangers to run 24 hours a day for 20 years, with minimum maintenance.

Design makes the difference
Each material is chosen for its best properties: copper for its unmatched conductibility and durability, stainless steel for areas with severe condensation. The architecture of the heating body optimises thermal exchange and allows the metal to work at low temperatures so it lasts longer. The fume evacuation pipes minimise the impact of clogging on the boiler's performance to ensure consistent, high efficiency, even after a heating season.

Our technology is exclusive to us.

Domestic hot water

Frisquet boilers provide exceptional hot water quality, whatever the level of consumption.

• Instant hot water with semi-storage
Our mixed boilers (heating + instant hot water) have a unique hot water production system: a triple-supply heat exchanger. This gives 3-star hot water, better than the usual standard: instant, at constant temperature and high-output as standard, with extra flow on start-up (up to 30% more).

Hot water stored in a built-in or separate tank
This means ample supply of hot water, supplying several taps at the same time, with no change in flow rate or temperature. Our tanks are designed specifically for our boilers. They provide an abundant volume of hot water, and very short reheating time, whilst also being very compact.

These unique features have made Frisquet the leader in hot water production.
DRAW-OFF EXAMPLE: : Hot water availability with a 120 l tank: 450 l at once + 400 l 10 min later*.

* Hot water at 40°C, 20l/min with cold water input at 15°C.

The exclusive Flatfire® burner

The FLATFIRE® burner is exclusive to Frisquet. It has revolutionised the world of the boiler with its advanced technology.

Helping to respect the environment while also providing exceptional combustion quality, it succeeds in combining convenience with savings:

  • Extremely quiet in operation
  • Simplified maintenance, with its monobloc design, easy to check and dis mantle.
  • Very low NOx rate, below the requirements of European standard EN 15502
  • Unparalleled dynamic modulation from 4.5 kW to 45 kW: continually adjusts combustion mode to suit requirements.
  • Automatic control of air/gas mix with the READ® (Automatic, Dynamic Calibration Control) system, giving unparalleled combustion performance.
  • Dual-power heating: adapts the boiler power according to the mode. For example: The boiler operates at full power for “hot water production” mode, then switches to “heating” mode, so it only consumes what is strictly necessary.


Frisquet boilers are fitted as standard with an exclusive, total control device: Visio® ECO RADIO SYSTEM.
This system has a basic automatic adjustment facility for the initial heating temperature. It continually adjusts the heating body temperature, on the burner adjustment and the 4-way valve, taking account of the properties of each zone to be heated to supply the precise energy needed for the dwelling.

In addition, to set your heating as precisely as possible, ECO RADIO SYSTEM VISIO® has 3 on-board, digital controllers to adjust to the characteristics of the zones to be heated for customized comfort.

  • Control according to ambient temperature
  • Control according to outdoor temperature only
  • Control according to ambient and outdoor temperature

The boiler adapts automatically to your way of life and temperature changes in your home, without you having to adjust anything. By supplying just the right amount of energy for your home, this appliance can save you up to 25% on your gas bill*.

For even greater convenience, ECORADIOSYSTEM Visio® has a number of functions:

  • automatic date and time updates
  • recognition of seasons and automatic change from summer to winter,
  • holiday programming to put the boiler on standby when you are away,
  • the date of next service, to maintain the performance of the boiler,
  • multi-language programming for navigation of the menu
  • help with commissioning and help with diagnostics for the professional installer,
  • ready for home automation.

Multi-zone control

From a traditional installation with a single heating circuit, to a sophisticated system with several circuits, each heating zone has its own radio satellite. It receives the comfort levels programmed by the user and ensures that the ambiance is correct. It sends the information back to the boiler by radio, with no interference.The user-friendly guide makes it easy to set the parameters on the clock face: you can set as many "COMFORT" and "REDUCED" periods it is possible to fit inside 24 hours.

  • 1 key to switch modes among auto/day/night/frost-free/programming
  • 1 button for ambient temperature and outdoor temperature if there is an outdoor sensor fitted.

With ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio®, Frisquet boilers can supply a heating system with 1, 2 or 3 heating circuits with the same efficiency, at different temperatures, whatever the vector used, a heating floor and/or radiators.
Each heating zone is independent, with its own communication satellite for made-to-measure comfort and increased energy savings. Ultra slim, discreet design, the radio satellite unit is intended to make it easy to read and understand the information displayed. Quick and easy wireless installation, with a radio link to the boiler on a secure, encrypted frequency.

Our environmental innovations

Through each of Frisquet's technical solutions, we demonstrate our commitment to providing safe, efficient products that respect the environment.

Manufacturing procedures, choice of materials, pollution emissions, energy consumption and recycling are all taken into account from the start. This deliberate choice also enables us to comply with the European ECODESIGN directives, the future standards for efficiency, air quality, power levels and recycling.

This environmental performance has led to the creation of the exclusive ECO 3® label for our boilers:
ECONOMY : Our boilers are designed to condense for as long as possible, and to consume the least possible gas.
ECOLOGY: They emit the lowest possible level of pollutants, and 99.5% of the materials used are recyclable.
ECO ENERGY: They operate with gas, which is a clean energy source.


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With FRISQUET Connect, remote control for your boiler just from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Check or readjust to adapt it to suit your comfort needs at the time... 


We launched a new natural draft boiler, combining Tradition and ECO DESIGN requirements – ErP, offering an efficient product, perfectly adapted to flue ducts, including shunt ducts.

Visio® heating with condensing technology

We incorporated the "heating" function into all our condensing boilers, providing the most efficient modular solution, with factory-installed, multi-circuit heating.

HYDROMOTRIX Compact Visio®

We launched a new boiler, combining high performance and compact size. The ideal replacement boiler for flats.


We brought out the Hybrid condensing & solar boiler Winner of the first prize for energy efficiency from INTERCLIMA-ELEC - Innovation 2013.


We developed a new generation of multi-zone, digital control. Fitted as standard to all our Condensing and Evolution boilers, it includes up to 3 heating zones with different temperature settings.


For shared accommodation with CMV boilers, we provided a technical response to prevent condensation in the gas CMV connection, and eliminate energy losses with air changes. A CE certified solution, eligible for the energy saving label.

The Evolution boiler

We launched our new range of VERY LOW TEMPERATURE EVOLUTION boilers, the leading product for its unparalleled 95% efficiency on LCV and Class 5 low NOx rate.

The DUOSTEP® heating body

Combining extreme efficient, long-life and superior hot water quality, we created DUOSTEP®, a heating body with separate condenser, specifically designed for our condensing boilers.

R.E.A.D.® regulation

Auto-calibrated dynamic control. This system provides permanent air/gas stability. There is no drift, no adjustment is necessary. Performance remains identical throughout the year.

Special hot water programme

When drawing down domestic hot water, with or without a tank, it modulates burner power to provide just what is needed, with no energy wasted.


Our dual-power, switchable boiler was developed ahead of the new EuP directive on improving energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The FLATFIRE® burner

The FlatFire® surface burner with optimised combustion and low NOx rate claims to be the most eco-friendly of boilers.

Eco Radio system®

This interactive system, fitted as standard to all our boilers, has precision-control for optimised heating management (and for hot water production).

Electronic ignition

We removed the pilot light, installing electronic ignition on all our boilers. In 2002, it became a CE standard device.

The Abnormal Draft Detector® (DAT)

The DAT® prevents asphyxiation in the event of a faulty flue, and is the most important safety innovation for decades. In 1996, this device was required by NF - CE standards: Frisquet boilers were the only ones fitted with this essential safety device for five years.

Automatic thermostat controller® (RTA)

The RTA® is a hot water safety device, limiting temperature to 50°C to avoid scalding. This device, fitted as standard to our boilers, only became compulsory in 2006.

"ANGE BLEU" environmental label

We gained this label for our boilers. We also obtained approval of our laboratory for standards DIN DVGW, and certification of our Meaux factory, controlled by TÜV BAYERN.


We fitted our boiler with a hot water tank: this was the birth of HYDROCONFORT, the first wall-mounted boiler with a built-in tank, launched on the market.

The first mixed tank

We designed an all-copper heating body, from which we created the first mixed boiler: heating + instant domestic hot water.

Hydromotrix boiler

HYDROMOTRIX 10 000 mth/hr certification: this was the first wall-mounted boiler for heating, winning the right to carry the NF-ATG stamp. A whole range of power levels would follow.