An exclusive, evolving FRISQUET concept

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All our condensing boilers, wall-mounted or floor-standing, incorporate the heating plant function, an exclusive Frisquet solution. Intended for both residential and apartment buildings (small or large properties, private hotels, small tertiary sector, school, multi-purpose hall, etc.), the Visio Condensing heating system provides a power spectrum from 57 to 270 kW.

A made-to-measure solution designed to meet the needs and constraints of the building, while avoiding any energy-hungry excess power levels.

Chaufferie condensation Visio Frisquet

A simple, high-efficiency
heating system

With ECORADIOSYSTEM Visio® digital control, the heating plant does not need a wired link. Professionals find installation is an intuitive process, assisted by the Visio interface. It just needs the standard heating plant function to be enabled, and each boiler to be classified as “master” or “associate”.

ECORADIOSYSTEM Visio® also allows control of the heating circuits, whether standard or multiple, allocating different temperatures to each zone. Only boilers running particular appliances (hot water tank, swimming pool, air heater, etc.) are used, and the others continue to operate at low temperatures.

The heating system has all the benefits of a Visio condensing boiler and its accessories.

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