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Frisquet Connect Box, compatible with all FRISQUET Visio® and hybrid boilers. Quick and easy to install, connect your internet box using an Ethernet cable or WiFi.

Small size: : L : 148 mm - H : 60 mm - D : 29 mm

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Heating control

  • Visio radio external probe, with radio communication unit + underfloor heating safety cable..
  • Visio Module H for full management of an extra heating zone with 3-way valve and room and/or outside temperature control. Built-in as standard: 3-way valve, variable-speed low power circulator, radio satellite unit, external wired probe, isolation valves, radio-control heating unit, alarm output by dry contact, underfloor heating safety cable. 
  • Connection kit for Visio Module H to boiler. Includes two-way connection pipes for heating to boiler for an additional heating circuit, with or without a Visio Module H. 
  • Circulator Module for full management of an extra heating zone with circulator and room temperature control. Fitted as standard with two-way connection pipes for the additional heating circuit to the boiler, variable-speed low power circulator, radio satellite unit, isolation valves, non-return valve.

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UPEC HOT WATER tankS and reheating tanks

  • UPEC 80 or 120 l wall-mounted, stainless steel
  • UPEC 120 l SOL vertical or horizontal
  • 220 l solar tanks

Multi-function radio unit - swimming pool, alarm repeater, additional circulator

Multi-function radio unit

  • Swimming pool function to manage a pool heat exchanger connected to the multi-circuit outlets of the boiler.
  • Alarm relay function: for activating a relay if there is an alarm on the Visio system. 
  • Additional main circuit circulator function: to control an extra circulator.


  • Vent outlet (Terminal, Extension, Elbow, Adapter)
  • Flue outlet (Condensing adapter)
  • CMV gas, special renovation (BAZ pilot outlet)

Solar detection kit for each boiler

  • Solution 1 kit: Interface unit with temperature probe, when the solar tank control does not manage the detection via the boiler (230 V contact)
  • Solution 2 kit: Interface unit when solar tank control manages the detection request via the boiler


DHW circuit connection kit for HYDROCONFORT Solar.

Telephone control / heat-pump detection

  • Cable for external contact
  • 230V relay for external control

Boiler back panel

Spacing back panel