It’s easy to control your comfort

With the Frisquet Connect app

The FRISQUET CONNECT application lets you manage your Visio Equipment remotely. It requires Frisquet Connect Box set-up.

Simply check or adjust your settings to adapt your comfort to suit at any time
as well as saving energy: compare your monthly energy consumption over a two-year period, choose comfort, reduced or frost-free modes for your preset time slots, programme holiday periods, adjust the temperature for different zones in the house...

 Download the Frisquet Connect app from the App Store or Google Play.



Discover an interface that’s even-more user-friendly with simpler time-scheduling for heating periods and many other features.

Enjoy a new cutting-edge feature: Grant your after-sales service remote access to your heating Equipment. Grant the desired access rights. In doing so, you notify your after-sales service of an Equipment breakdown or anomaly. And if required, your after-sales service can then view the technical status of your Equipment as well as see and correct your settings.

Discover the application




Mode At Home

At a glance, see the status of your installation.

For a multi-zone installation, select the heating zone required. Its name may be changed at any time.

In the example:

  • Comfort mode is active for the zone named “bedroom”
  • Eco mode is active for domestic hot water
  • The upstairs temperature is 20°
  • The outdoor temperature is 12°




Mode Settings

With Frisquet Connect, settings can be changed easily with the intuitive interface:

  • Check or change temperatures for comfort reduced and frost-free modes.
  • Programme timeslots for every 24 hour period
  • Do the same for your domestic hot water settings while controlling your energy consumption




Mode Conso

Monitor and control your energy consumption.

It's easy to check your heating or hot water usage for the past 2 years.
Select the heating or hot water icon, and a self-adjusting scale appears showing your consumption.

This function is available for the VISIO condensing boiler range.




Mode Special Functions

Change usual settings temporarily:

HOLIDAYS: Go to frost-free mode on the selected dates
OVERRIDE: Temporarily change the heating mode for the current cycle
PERMANENT: Apply the selected heating mode 24hrs/24
AUTO: Cancel all special functions and go back to the normal programme







Mode Boost

Increase the temperature by +1°C in comfort mode when your usual setting is inadequate on occasion.

Press “Boost” to activate the function. Press “Boost” again to disable the function.
In multi-zone installations, you can apply the Boost function to the zone selected.


Une seule application pour plusieurs sites

De votre appli, gérez votre résidence principale, votre maison de vacances, votre local professionnel, ...

Frisquet Connect Box

The Frisquet Connect Box is compatible with all our Visio® and hybrid boilers. It is easy and quick to install. You just need to connect your internet box using an Ethernet cable or wi-fi.

Small size: L: 148 mm - H: 60 mm - D: 29 mm

Frisquet S.A. has designed and developed FRISQUET CONNECT with the same assurances as all our other products, relying on increased value for money, easy fit and use, a manufacturer’s warranty, 20 years’ spare parts availability and complete user data protection.

Frisquet Connect gives you the best solution for peace of mind