It’s easy to control your comfort


The app has 5 main modes: at home, settings, special functions, cons and boost.
Quickly explore all the options in Frisquet Connect by going to the demo below.


At a glance, see the status of your installation.

For a multi-zone installation, select the heating zone required. Its name may be changed at any time.

In the example:

  • Comfort mode is active for the zone named “upstairs”
  • Eco mode is active for domestic hot water
  • The upstairs temperature is 21°
  • The outdoor temperature is 10.4°


 With Frisquet Connect, settings can be changed easily with the intuitive interface:

  • Check or change temperatures for comfort reduced and frost-free modes.
  • Programme timeslots for every 24 hour period
  • Do the same for your domestic hot water settings while controlling your energy consumption

  CONSO Mode

Monitor and control your energy consumption.

It's easy to check your heating or hot water usage for the past 2 years.
Select the heating or hot water icon, and a self-adjusting scale appears showing your consumption.

This function is available for the VISIO condensing boiler range.


Change usual settings temporarily:

  • HOLIDAYS: Go to frost-free mode on the selected dates
  • OVERRIDE: Temporarily change the heating mode for the current cycle
  • PERMANENT: Apply the selected heating mode 24hrs/24
  • AUTO: Cancel all special functions and go back to the normal programme

  Boost Mode

Increase the temperature by +1°C in comfort mode when your usual setting is inadequate on occasion.

Press “Boost” to activate the function. Press “Boost” again to disable the function.
In multi-zone installations, you can apply the Boost function to the zone selected.

One app for several sites

Use the app to manage your main home, your holiday home, your place of work, etc.