With FRISQUET Connect

your boiler obeys you at a distance

Manage your heating and hot water by controlling your Visio® boiler wherever you are, at home or away from home using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

 Download the Frisquet Connect app, or connect via the website frisquetconnect.

The Frisquet Connect app

It’s easy to check or update your settings, to suit your needs at any time, as well as saving energy: compare your monthly energy consumption over a two-year period, choose comfort, reduced or frost-free modes for your preset time slots, programme holiday periods, adjust the temperature for different zones in the house,
And lots more besides. Explore all the Frisquet Connect functionalities.

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The Frisquet Connect Box

The Frisquet Connect Box is compatible with all our Visio® and hybrid boilers. It is easy and quick to install. You just need to connect your internet box using an Ethernet cable or wi-fi.

Small size: L: 148 mm - H: 60 mm - D: 29 mm

Increased security

You can manage your main home, your second home or your place of work in complete freedom and security, using the same app.
Frisquet Connect gives you the best solution for peace of mind. Frisquet S.A. designed and developed the box with the same assurances as all our other products, based on value for money, easy to fit and use, a manufacturer’s warranty, 20 years spare parts availability and complete user data protection.

Explore the app

Explore all the Frisquet Connect functionalities with the app demo.

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