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Wall-mounted boiler Condensing Visio

Hydromotrix Condensing Visio®

Power: 20 kW Heating only
Chauffage Classe A
  • Very High Energy Performance
  • Switchable heating power 14 or 20 kW
  • Eligible for 30% tax credit1
  • Class V control ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio® (ŋ 3%)
  • Compatible with Frisquet Connect
Chauffage-1 Seasonal settings

Clean lines and performance

This boiler, with two-way switched power, 14 or 20 kW is suitable for older buildings or new. It is especially suited to buildings where domestic hot water product is already provided with a separate cylinder.

The 4-way valve on the Hydromotrix 20 kW Condensing boiler provides direct connection with a hot water cylinder, using the ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio®.

Technical characteristics
A full range of equipment as standard

ECO RADIO SYSTEM VISIO® appliance • Radio communication satellite unit • FLATFIRE® burner •READ® air/gas control• Electronic ignition • Gas ionization safety device • Dual electro-valve gas safety unit • Electronic overheating safety device • Electronic water level safety • Electronic frost-free safety unit • Expansion tank • 4-way motorised valve • Variable-speed low consumption circulator • Connectors for 2nd heating circuit • Anti-legionella programme • Automatic thermostat controller • Built-in hot water disconnection • Mineral wool heat insulation.

Power (kW) 20
Twin heating power (kW) 14 or 20
Dynamic power modulation (kW) 0 at 14 or 0 at 20
DHW flow rate (l/min) -
seasonal efficiency
with regulation (%)
Nox rate on PCS (mg/kWh) 34
Height (mm) 1 015
Width (mm) 550
Depth (mm) 464
Weight under load (kg) 74
Expansion Tank (l) 12
ø Fume outlets (mm) Horizontale 60/100
Verticale 80/125
Fume connection Forced draught connexion and chimney adaptor

Frisquet Connect
your boiler obeys you at a distance

Manage your heating and hot water by controlling your Visio® boiler wherever you are, at home or away from home using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Download the Frisquet Connect app, or connect via the website frisquetconnect.

Condensation Visio®

  • Frisquet Connect

  • H Visio module

  • Circuit connection kit for Visio H module

  • Circulator module

  • Outdoor sensor

  • Multi-function radio unit - swimming pool, alarm repeater, additional circulator

  • Telephone control / heat-pump measurement

  • UPEC hot water tanks

  • CESI – Domestic solar water heater

  • Boiler back panel

  • Vent outlets

  • Flue outlets (adaptor)

  • Solar relay kit for each boiler

Long-term warranty

The quality of our boilers means we can offer you a manufacturer's warranty much longer than the legal requirement, our long-term warranty1. This warranty applies to all our products, including the renewable energy appliances, as long as their commissioning and maintenance is carried out by a professional.

  • 5 years : heating body, burner, combustion chamber, circulator and stainless steel tank, tank for solar UPEC tank, solar collector
  • 2 years : additional parts / other components