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Floor-standing boiler Condensing Visio

Prestige Condensing Visio®

Power: 20 kW With built-in tank (80 l)
Chauffage Classe A
ECS Classe B
  • Very High Energy Performance
  • Switchable heating power 14 or 20 kW
  • Eligible for 30% tax credit1
  • Class V control ECO RADIO SYSTEM Visio® (ŋ 3%)
  • Compatible with Frisquet Connect

Domestic Hot Water
Chauffage-1 Seasonal settings

A fully integrated concept in an optimised space

Only 54 cm wide, this boiler is concentrated performance. This fully integrated concept has an Optimal® heating body and an 80l stainless steel hot water tank. The Prestige Condensing boiler provides you with immediate hot water in abundance. The system guarantees safety, with several programmes for optimal energy savings.

Technical characteristics
A full range of equipment as standard

ECO RADIO SYSTEM VISIO® appliance • Radio communication satellite unit • FLATFIRE® burner •READ® air/gas control• Electronic ignition • Gas ionization safety device • Dual electro-valve gas safety unit • Electronic overheating safety device • Electronic water level safety • Electronic frost-free safety unit • Expansion tank • 4-way motorised valve • Variable-speed low consumption circulator • Connectors for 2nd heating circuit • Anti-legionella programme • Automatic thermostat controller • Built-in hot water disconnection • Mineral wool heat insulation.

Puissance nominale (kW) 20
BI-Puissance chauffage (kW) 14 ou 20
Modulation de puissance (kW) chauffage utile 0 à 14 ou 0 à 20
Débit ECS (l/min) 18,5
Efficacité énergétique saisonnière
avec régulation (%)
Taux Nox sur PCS (mg/kWh) 34
Hauteur (mm) 1 720
Largeur (mm) 540
Profondeur (mm) 600
Poids en charge (kg) 188
Capacité vase expansion (l) 18
ø Buse (mm) Horizontale 60/100
Verticale 80/125
Sorties fumées Raccordement Ventouse & adaptateur cheminée

Frisquet Connect
your boiler obeys you at a distance

Manage your heating and hot water by controlling your Visio® boiler wherever you are, at home or away from home using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Download the Frisquet Connect app, or connect via the website frisquetconnect.

Condensation Visio®

  • Frisquet Connect

  • H Visio module

  • Circuit connection kit for Visio H module

  • Circulator module

  • Outdoor sensor

See all accessories
  • Multi-function radio unit - swimming pool, alarm repeater, additional circulator

  • Telephone control / heat-pump measurement

  • CESI – Domestic solar water heater

  • Boiler back panel

  • Vent outlets

  • Flue outlets (adaptor)

  • Solar relay kit for each boiler

Long-term warranty

The quality of our boilers means we can offer you a manufacturer's warranty much longer than the legal requirement, our long-term warranty1. This warranty applies to all our products, including the renewable energy appliances, as long as their commissioning and maintenance is carried out by a professional.

  • 5 years : heating body, burner, combustion chamber, circulator and stainless steel tank, tank for solar UPEC tank, solar collector
  • 2 years : additional parts / other components